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Snacking in Today’s Marketplace

Snacking Cookies

Snack Food Category in Canada By 2021, the snack food category in Canada will be worth more than $4 billion dollars [1]. With an average growth rate of 6% over the last five years [2], it’s safe to say that snacking is still a prevalent part of both the grocery industry and our day-to-day lives. The average number of snacks consumed each day hovers around 2.5 [3] and with 8% of us foregoing large meals altogether in exchange for all-day snacking…

Say No to GMO’s

Non-GMO Oatmeal

The Growing Non-GMO Product Opportunity You are not alone if you have heard or read something confusing about GMO’s and food. There is not much scientific consensus about whether genetically modified ingredients are good or bad for the health of humans and animals or the environment. But if you ask consumers about GMO’s, it’s a pretty clear picture. A majority of consumers (72 percent) consistently say they are trying to avoid GMO’s when shopping, and many are looking for non-GMO…