Jamie Moody

Jamie strives every day to own and model the company’s core purpose of “Helping Canada Eat Well and Live Well.” Being a passionate foodie means Jamie hits the gym pretty much every day! That passion also fires his enthusiasm for connecting great and innovative brands with the company’s route to market. And that route is extensive, reaching everywhere food is sold in Canada.

Jamie’s focus has always been to field the best team of people to bring to life the core purpose and get great brands in front of consumers in the best possible way. He is also energized by strong personal relationships with suppliers, retailers and people from the broader industry. After 20 years Jamie is more than ever, loving and proud of being part of Tree of Life.

Fun Fact:
While attending a food show in Germany, Jamie helped an elderly woman into a restaurant and to her seat. Afterward, several people asked Jamie, “Do you know who that is?” (he didn’t.) He was told, “That’s Dame Shirley Bassey- she sang the theme songs to 3 James Bond films, including “Goldfinger”, “Diamonds are Forever,” and “Moonraker.” He went back and said to her, “I think one of us is famous!” She was pleased to pose for a selfie.