Market insights

Inform your go-to-market strategies with customized, data-driven plans that weigh consumer insights, competitive analyses and other metrics critical to your brand so you make the best—and most successful—decisions.

A strong appetite for fresh data

The best plans are based on data. Take advantage of advanced supply chain forecasting and forward-thinking information technology to streamline and strengthen your go-to-market strategy and ongoing brand development and growth.

What we offer

Data-driven insights

Leverage retailer POS data, syndicated research and more. We provide market insights, planning recommendations and promotional strategy assessments to inform anything from brand growth to perfectly timed campaign executions.

Exchanging data

Advanced supply chain forecasting

Make the smartest inventory and purchasing decisions using refined forecasting that details supply chain ordering history, expected orders, suggested order quantities (SOQ) and more.

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Streamline and digitize administrative tasks

Gain complete visibility of your product administration tasks, streamlining product launches, reporting and insights. You’ll receive real-time reports and store-level time insights for future planning efforts, too.

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Understanding your brand

We enable our partners to become familiar with end-user consumption, promotional impact at the store level and distribution gaps that might arise, and provide a thorough understanding of overall movement.

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From the Pacific to the Atlantic

To put it simply: No other food & beverage distributor has the nationwide reach or channel coverage that we do. We have access to over 90% of where food is sold and served in Canada, building recognition for our brands coast to coast.

Tree of Life's nationwide reach or channel coverage in Canada includes 102 field sales offices and 31 head offices.

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Healthy assortment of breakfast food.

The "New" Budget Consumer

Consumer trends//September 24, 2023
While individual financial well-being will dictate consumer behavior, general trips to the grocery store have become more strategic with the focus on making the most of their budgets.

Experts at what we do

Distribution & logistics

Take advantage of our immaculate fill rates and nationwide reach from three strategically located warehouses across Canada. We reach our retail partners within 24-48 hours.

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Retail sales

Putting your products on shelves is what we do. Our robust sales force is always on-site, helping facilitate orders at the store level, refacing and realigning products, managing planograms and so much more.

Man stocking shelves in a grocery store

Brand development

Once we get your products on shelves, they aren’t there for long. Our brand development and supply chain experts tailor promotional plans and provide valuable market insights and guidance to align with your business goals, making sure your products sell.

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We are the only Canadian industry leader offering both retail and foodservice distribution. Our network of over 5,000 distribution points between foodservice and retailer capabilities is unmatched.

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Looking for something new?

If you are looking for the best in Canadian food and beverage sales and logistics, or you are looking for the most unique, curated products to fulfill your retail or foodservice needs, start a conversation with us today and we’ll help put together a customized solution to achieve your business goals.

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