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With nationwide infrastructure and key partnerships, we are Canada’s largest and most reliable full-service route to market for brands looking to grow in brand recognition and sales.

Distributing memorable food experiences nationwide

No Canadian food and beverage distributor can match our reach. We have access to 90% of where food is sold and served in the country. So, if you’d like to see your brand sold through a particular retail channel or you want to dive into the foodservice market, we have the partnerships and logistical know-how to make it happen.

What we offer

Strategically located warehousing

Three state-of-the-art warehouses and three frozen storage facilities across Canada ensure products are shipped to our retail partners within 48 hours.

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Supply chain logistics

Our supply chain analysts and dedicated demand planning practices ensure products are delivered to store shelves on time and in full, keeping fill rates high.

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Inbound and outbound freight management

Experienced freight coordinators manage the entire process. Receiving products, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping are all streamlined, reducing your costs and decreasing lead times.

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Inventory and purchasing management

We’ll help you monitor and optimize your inventory levels based on sales data, seasonal trends and more. We work with both the supplier and retailer to make sure expectations are met.

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From the Pacific to the Atlantic

To put it simply: No other food & beverage distributor has the nationwide reach or channel coverage that we do. We have access to over 90% of where food is sold and served in Canada, building recognition for our brands coast to coast.

Tree of Life's nationwide reach or channel coverage in Canada includes 102 field sales offices and 31 head offices.

See what’s trending

Healthy assortment of breakfast food.

The "New" Budget Consumer

Consumer trends//September 7, 2023
While individual financial well-being will dictate consumer behavior, general trips to the grocery store have become more strategic with the focus on making the most of their budgets.

Experts at what we do

Retail sales

Putting your products on shelves is what we do. Our robust sales force is always on-site, helping facilitate orders at the store level, refacing and realigning products, managing planograms and so much more.

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Brand development

Once we get your products on shelves, they aren’t there for long. Our brand development and supply chain experts tailor promotional plans and provide valuable market insights and guidance to align with your business goals, making sure your products sell.

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We are the only Canadian industry leader offering both retail and foodservice distribution. Our network of over 5,000 distribution points between foodservice and retailer capabilities is unmatched.

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Market insights

Current and timely market insights and data drive the collaborative decision-making process with our partners, helping us find unique market opportunities for your brand now and in the future.

Looking for something new?

If you are looking for the best in Canadian food and beverage sales and logistics, or you are looking for the most unique, curated products to fulfill your retail or foodservice needs, start a conversation with us today and we’ll help put together a customized solution to achieve your business goals.

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