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Consumer trends//July 3, 2024

Cheese continues to be a successful category and the object of desire for many. Canadians take their cheese seriously, with 86% saying that cheese is a planned purchase and if their preferred brand is not available, they will wait until it is back in stock.1

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Online shopping
Canadian trends//December 6, 2023

In the past four years the grocery industry has seen seismic shifts to supply chains, transportation channels, and economic uncertainty that has evolved consumer behaviour and ultimately the retail landscape.

the word "Organic" spelled out with colourful leaves
Consumer trends//July 24, 2023

Organic has moved from a niche market to mainstream and the organic consumer has also evolved, mainly due to a post-pandemic renewed focus on personal health, climate change and sustainability.

A roti lunch
International trends//May 10, 2023

More than half of Canadians view themselves as being more open to eating international foods than they were a few years ago, with more than three quarters (77%) also viewing international foods as being more mainstream than they used to be.

3 buddah bowls
Canadian trends//January 12, 2023

Consumers have been cooking at home more often, developing new meal preparation skills and eating out less often. This was kick started by the pandemic and continues with the rise of inflation.

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