Introducing Smart Label Canada

Consumers are demanding a higher degree of transparency from manufacturers.  They want to know what’s in their food, where it’s made and how it’s processed.  They also want to know more about the company that makes it.

SmartLabel TM is a tool that gives consumers access to detailed information about a wide range of products in a consistent format.  You can access it through a QR code on the package, through the product website or by going to the SmartLabel TM website.

In the US, SmartLabel® Landing Page information is now available on 81% of all units sold across product categories where at least one SKU was registered with SmartLabel, as calculated by Nielsen (July’ 20, 72,000 items live)

Current consumer engagement with US SmartLabel Landing Pages is over 1 Million visits per month. SmartLabelTM Canada is ramping up and has over 3000 items on line.

As mentioned SmartLabel is a response to consumer’s quest for information on demand.  It is also a response to the threat of increased regulations.  Health Canada is reviewing front of pack warnings for any products high in sodium, sugar or saturated fats.  As an industry we are trying to demonstrate a better way to inform consumers.

If you are looking to make a packaging change, you might want to include the SmartLabel QR code. The cost is minimal, and we can put you in touch with agencies who can help you build the site.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact your Brand Development Manager or Sandi Hester (

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