We have a history of good taste

As Canada’s leader in the grocery and foodservice industries, we offer sales and distribution coverage from coast to coast. We are passionate about delivering elevated food and beverage experiences to our retail partners and the Canadian market.

A tasteful collection

From natural and organic to gourmet and specialty foods, we bring a world of flavours to the Canadian market. We’ve explored the world—and even our own backyard—for the very best and assembled a tasteful collection of brands to delight those with an appetite for new experiences. We are very conscious about our brands and focus on quality above all else.

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Building brands and customer demand

At Tree of Life Canada, we are curators of unique brands, bringing elevated food and beverage experiences to Canadians. Our diverse supplier portfolio empowers higher-quality, more satisfying food and beverage selections for Canadian consumers. Our mission is to be Canada’s number-one growth partner for the food and beverage industry—from end to end.

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Unparalleled reach, unrivalled service

We’ve got you covered from coast to coast like no other with access to 90% of where food is sold and served in the country. From logistics and foodservice to sales and marketing, we take care of it all so you can focus on your business.

Experts at what we do

Distribution & logistics

Take advantage of our immaculate fill rates and nationwide reach from three strategically located warehouses across Canada. We reach our retail partners within 24-48 hours of urban centres.

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Retail sales

Putting your products on shelves is what we do. Our robust sales force is always on-site, helping facilitate orders at the store level, refacing and realigning products, managing planograms and so much more.

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Brand development

Once we get your products on shelves, they aren’t there for long. Our brand development and supply chain experts tailor promotional plans and provide valuable market insights and guidance to align with your business goals, making sure your products sell.

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We are the only Canadian industry leader offering both retail and foodservice distribution. Our network of over 5,000 distribution points between foodservice and retailer capabilities is unmatched.

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Market insights

Current and timely market insights and data drive the collaborative decision-making process with our partners, helping us find unique market opportunities for your brand now and in the future.

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On Trend catalogue August 2019 to February 2020 issue cover
On Trend catalogue August 2021 to February 2022 issue cover
On Trend catalogue April to September 2022 issue cover

On Trend catalogue

Find complete, up-to-date product listings, brand stories, trend alerts and distribution information, as well as our newly launched items, in the latest edition of On Trend.

Brands we carry

Quality, authentic, tasteful, trailblazing, innovative, sustainable, global, organic, gluten-free, natural, free from, international, domestic—these are just some of the characteristics used to describe our brands.

Thai Kitchen
The Spice Tailor
logo - Schär
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Grow your roots with us

Becoming a staple in cupboards and on dinner tables isn’t easy. That’s why we provide end-to-end solutions that consider every area of your business for you to succeed. When you partner with Tree of Life Canada, all you’ll need to worry about is doing what you do best: Creating great products!

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Bring your brand to market

With access to over 90% of where food is sold and served in Canada and industry-leading partnerships, we provide the strongest and most reliable route for brands looking to break into Canada’s largest markets.

A full menu of industry insights

Get a sprinkle of the latest Canadian F&B trends, a touch of industry forecasting and a dash of our perspective in our blog.

Pasta is Soaring in Canada!

Pasta, rice, noodles and starches are the perfect base ingredients to make comforting meals that can be both nutritious and delicious.

Life Is Great. Cheese Makes It Better.

Cheese continues to be a successful category and the object of desire for many. Canadians take their cheese seriously, with 86% saying that cheese is a planned purchase and if their preferred brand is not available, they will wait until it is back in stock.1

The "New" Budget Consumer

While individual financial well-being will dictate consumer behavior, general trips to the grocery store have become more strategic with the focus on making the most of their budgets.

Annual Trend List 2024

Despite inflationary pressures, product innovation continues to be a key driver of consumer traffic and sales volume.

A Fresh, New Year in Grocery

In the past four years the grocery industry has seen seismic shifts to supply chains, transportation channels, and economic uncertainty that has evolved consumer behaviour and ultimately the retail landscape.

The health and wellness consumer

Health is top of mind for many Canadians, with 45% adopting a forward-looking outlook on their personal health and stating that they are always looking for ways to improve their health.

What our clients say

What I like the most about Tree of Life is that they share the passion for our brand. They feel it is theirs, they are genuinely interested in it and they understand our goals. That makes it easy to work together. As a result, our retail business has grown 800% in the past 6 years.
Santiago Behar,
Canada Country Manager,
In this ever-changing market, Tree of Life stands out with their forward-thinking approach. Over our 40-year partnership, their unwavering commitment, passion, and deep understanding of the Canadian retail scene have been evident. We're proud to be associated with a partner that not only understands the industry but actively creates opportunities for us suppliers to showcase our products and services to the Canadian retailers.
Darren Larvin,
Managing Director,
Coombe Castle International Ltd
Tree Of Life stands out as a top tier partner for Walker's Shortbread due to their commitment over so many years. For over 40 years, Walker's and Tree of Life have worked closely to develop our mutual business in the Canadian market. Tree of Life have consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise and dedication in their field. Their extensive experience demonstrates their credentials and highlights the opportunity for brands looking to develop their business in Canada. We greatly value the guidance and support that Tree of Life have provided and are looking forward to the next 40 years as we set our shared goals and vision for the Walker's brand.
Alastair Walker,
Head of International Sales,
Walkers Shortbread Ltd.
Partnering with TOL made us nervous since we don’t give an exclusive, but it’s been fantastic! We were having trouble growing our brand and distribution in Canada. They’ve truly partnered with us and act as if they own part of our company. They put their own money into promotions, they’re proactive and they’re fun to deal with. We went from about 10,000/yr to about 500,000/yr. We LOVE TOL!
Doug Renfro,
Renfro Foods Inc.
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Administrator of supermarket making notes in document while standing by sales assistant with box of fresh oranges in grocery department

Work at Tree of Life

Joining Tree of Life is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic industry that revolves around one of life’s most fundamental pleasures: food. Develop your skills, fuel your creativity and contribute to an organization that is truly passionate about the art of gastronomy.

Partner with us

Whether you are looking for a full-service route to market or a portfolio filled with the most coveted brands to stock your store, we have you covered. Sales, finance, logistics or even foodservice, we have the end-to-end solutions and expertise to build your brand and connect you to retailers. Get in touch with us, and let’s start building customer demand today!

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